Microgreens and Sprouts - Vitality in Every Bite!

LoveGreensz delivers fresh, organic, nutritionally dense microgreens and sprouts to homes throughout the Durham Region.

What Are Microgreens and Sprouts?

Nutritional Benefits

Sprouts and Microgreens We Grow

  • Speckled Pea Shoots

    20% protein by weight and rich in non-heme, absorbable iron– A gorgeous addition to any stir fry

  • Sunflower microgreens

    High in fibre and rich in calcium and iron – fabulous as a pesto!

  • Krunchy Karma Beans

    A delicious blend of garbanzos, lentils and peas

  • Eastern Mystic Sprouts

    Blend of Adzuki beans, lentils and fenugreek

  • Red Clover

    Rich is isoflavones, a phytoestrogen that can mitigate the symptoms of hot flashes and benign prostrate hyperplasia – allowing us to age gracefully

  • Bean Sprouts

    Sprouting beans breaks down the anti-nutrients on the outside of legumes that protect the seed and aggravate the human gut

  • Buckwheat

    High in lecithin, which makes this pseudo-grain a brain booster as almost a third of the brain is comprised of lecithin – a sweet and sour cousin of Rhubarb

  • Beets

    Vibrant color, earthy flavour and packed with iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc – rich in anti-oxidants!

  • Black and Green Lentils

    High in protein, soluble fibre and B vitamins – delicious in stirfries or in a tabbouleh style salad.

  • Fennel

    High content of folate and Vitamin C with a rich anise flavour!

  • Dill

    30% protein by weight, rich in carotene, chlorophyll and zinc, delicious with fish

  • Sesame

    High Calcium content: rich, sweet nutty flavor

  • Brassica’s

    A blend of Chinese mustard, broccoli rape, broccoli, radish and arugula. Intense nutritional profile for all vitamins and minerals – super anti-oxidants!

  • Alfalfa

    Rich in saponins, flavonoids and phytoestrogens which protect the brain from oxidative stress. High in Vitamins A, C and E for protecting skin and repairing tissue damaged by free-radicals.

  • Fenugreek

    A powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant – used for 1000’s of years as a medicinal, healing plant in Aryuvedic and Chinese medicine

  • Radish

    Rich in Vitamin K and beta-carotene with a sharp, peppery flavour

  • Broccoli

    Rich in sulforaphane, an isothiocyanate who’s sole purpose it to isolate and neutralize cancer-causing free-radicals. A delicious and delicate addition to any sandwich, wrap or salad.

  • Mung Beans

    Rich in folate, magnesium and manganese these versatile sprouts can be in any dish.

  • Arugula

    High in Glucosilonates and phenols which protect our bodies from environmental stress; sharp, peppery flavour.

Home Delivery of Sprouts and Microgreens

A weekly delivery of a variety of microgreens and sprouts delivered to directly your door.

Microgreens + Sprouts: Peas, sunflowers, alfalfa, broccoli, arugula, dill, fenugreek, brassica blends, kohlrabi, cilantro, crunchy beans, sprouted lentils, mung beans, daikon radish, red clover, salad mix, crunchy beans, kale, beets, swiss chard and more!

Home Delivery Cost: $20 per week – paid monthly

Delivery fees:

Free delivery to Oshawa
$3 delivery charge to Whitby, Ajax and Courtice
$5 delivery charge to Pickering and Bowmanville

If home delivery is not for you pickup can be arranged.

Weekly newsletter with nutritional information and recipe ideas included!

Are You a Chef, Caterer or Restauranteur?

Custom orders are available – Share your details and we’ll set up a time for a sampling.


We love our microgreens from LoveGreensz! As a busy mom with two teens, it’s so great to know my kids are getting high quality nutrients, although my son has joked that I go microgreen crazy at times - I put them on everything as they are so easy to add – he enjoys them. My daughter loves how they taste and make our plates look beautiful. Thanks LoveGreensz, for the wonderful delivery service and helping us keep healthy, nutritious, high quality food on our table!
Tara G.
I was experiencing serious digestion challenges often curled up in bed with gut pain. I knew my diet had to change radically, but I didn’t know where to start! I sampled some of the LoveGreensz microgreens and sprouts and decided to try the service. Wow, this is self healing at its best - My body feels lighter, I no longer crave red meat, and I have lots of energy! LoveGreensz is meticulous with cleanliness and they provide information on the nutritional benefits of the microgreens. That, along with the fact that they are a local business, delivering freshly harvested sprouts and microgreens weekly to my home, makes this my best choice to continue improving my gut health and wellbeing.
Marguerite O.
Every week we look forward to our delivery from LoveGreensz. We love the freshness and flavour these nutritional powerhouses add to our meals – and every week it’s something new! The newsletter is very educational and helps us to learn about what we are eating and why these nutritious plants are healthy for us, which keeps us coming back. The quick and easy recipes help us to incorporate microgreens into our diet and we really enjoy the sense of discovery they bring to our plates!
Kelly H.


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